1. Definitions


? “Site” or “Website” or “Domain”: the? website, including the software, implementation and use of the Site, the layout, structure and organisation of the Site’s contents;

? “Material”: any material made available to the public through the Site, including – the collection and organization of computer data, photographs, images, illustrations, texts, video clips, musical compositions, audio clips, designs, signs and/or? distinctive elements, logos and trademarks;

? “User Material”: any proposal, project, idea, concept, photograph, contribution or any other content and material (including the sale of personal data) that is communicated or transmitted by the User to Mark Up Zero S.r.l. through the Site and/or by any other means;

? “Conditions of Use”: the terms and conditions governing the use of the Site;

? “Services” means all services and/or performances (including the sale of goods) available through the Website;

? “Owner of the Internet Site” or “of the Site” or “of the Domain”: Mark Up Zero S.r.l.;

? “User”: the subject, natural person and/or legal entity that uses the Site and/or the Services provided through the Site;

? “Registration”: entering the User’s data for the purposes of using the Website and/or the Services, with acceptance of the Conditions of Use of the Website;

? “Contents”: all the contents of the site (by way of example but not limited to: images, description of the products, the products themselves, the Services offered, etc.).

2. Acceptance of the Terms of Use

Use of the Website or the Services implies full acceptance by the User of all the Conditions of Use, the guidelines, as well as the policy on the protection of personal data referred to in article 13 below; the User therefore acknowledges the binding nature of the above provisions. The use of the Site and the Services is permitted only if the User, when registering on the Site or subscribing to the Services, expressly accepts the applicable legislation and the provisions of the Conditions of Use.
When registering and/or subscribing to the Services, the User is asked to accept the Conditions of Use.
Mark Up Zero S.r.l. may unilaterally modify the Conditions of Use at any time, if it deems it appropriate, by publishing the updated version of the same on the Site, replacing the date of the “last modification” with the date of the update. Users are therefore invited to periodically consult the specific section dedicated to the “Conditions of Use”.
Use of the Website and the Services after the date of amendment of the Conditions of Use implies acceptance by the User of the updated version of these Conditions of Use.

3. Corporate Information

The Website and its contents are designed, managed and administered by the company Owner of the Website Domain, Mark Up Zero S.r.l. with registered office in Fiesso d’Artico (VE), Via Prima Strada n. 5, share capital ? 10,000.00, Tax Code and VAT: 04610290274, which directly manages?the Services offered on the Site, including the purchases made by the Users

4. Age requirements for the use of the Site and Services

The Site Services may be used by persons who are over the age of eighteen and who, in any case,?are considered of legal age according to the law of their country of origin. Users who do not meet this requirement are invited not to register and/or subscribe to any Service, not even in the interest or on behalf of others. In the event that the Site’s owner – the Site’s owner – becomes aware that the user is under eighteen years of age, is not of legal age according to the law of his/her country of
origin, or has declared false information about his/her age during the registration procedure, Mark Up Zero S.r.l. may proceed with the immediate cancellation of the registration or subscription to the Service, interrupting any possible provision.

5. Registration and subscription of the Services offered

The User may register on the Site or subscribe to the Services or purchases available from time to time. When registering and subscribing, the User is required to provide accurate and truthful information and data. The User also undertakes to promptly inform Mark Up Zero S.r.l. in the event of any changes to the information and data provided at the time of registration and/or subscription to the Services.
The User undertakes to inform Mark Up Zero S.r.l. if he suspects that there has been unauthorised access to his account or that his password has been violated. In any case, the responsibility deriving from the use of the account is exclusively of the User, provided that such use is attributable to the User or derives from the User’s failure to adopt adequate password protection measures.
In the event that the User violates even one of the provisions contained in the Conditions of Use, Mark Up Zero S.r.l. may unilaterally and at its sole discretion cancel the user’s registration or subscription to one of the Services offered, block the account and/or deny, limit, suspend or revoke the User’s access to the Site and/or Services, without prejudice to any other legal rights.

6. Duration and Termination

The User’s registration on the Site and/or subscription to one or more Services will be effective and?binding for the User as soon as the relevant procedure is successfully completed. The Conditions of Use of the Site and any subsequent modifications and/or versions will be effective for the entire
period in which the User uses the Site and/or one or more Services.
The user may withdraw freely and at any time from registering on the Site or subscribing to one or more Services, without having to give reasons.
This right may be exercised by the User by sending an ordinary e-mail to

Mark Up Zero S.r.l. will confirm to the User the withdrawal from registration or subscription.

Mark Up Zero S.r.l. has the right to terminate and/or suspend at any time the registration of the User and/or the subscription of one or more Services, with immediate effect and at its own discretion, in the event of default or violation by the User of even just one of the provisions contained in the?Conditions of Use, without prejudice to any other legal rights.
The user will be informed of the termination and/or suspension by ordinary electronic communication.
The termination and/or suspension of the registration or the Service will start from the sending of the communication by Mark Up Zero S.r.l.

7. Electronic services

Should certain Services require it, the User accepts the possibility of being contacted by Mark Up Zero S.r.l. for communications relating to the Services by ordinary e-mail.

8 . Protection of intellectual and industrial property rights

The Site and the Material on the Site, in whole or in part, including – by way of example but not?limited to – trademarks, domain names, designs, models, patents are owned by Mark Up Zero S.r.l.?and protected by copyright and industrial property rights, all rights being reserved, both nationally
and internationally.

It is forbidden for the User and/or any other subject other than Mark Up Zero S.r.l. to make any unauthorised use and/or exploitation of the Material on the Site.
It is not permitted, in any form or by any means, for any purpose whatsoever, even in part, to?reproduce (with the exception of reproductions for personal and non-commercial use), publish, disclose, transmit, make available to the public, republish, distribute, display, remove, delete, add, or otherwise modify the Site and/or the Material contained therein, as well as create and/or use derivative works or, in any case, inspire, sell or take part in any way in the sale of Material on the Site.

9. User Material


The User acknowledges and accepts that the User Material (as defined in art. 1) is not to be considered confidential material. By sending the User Material to Mark Up Zero S.r.l., the User grants Mark Up Zero S.r.l. the right, not exclusively and internationally, to copy, reproduce, communicate, distribute or use in any other way, in whole or in part, the User Material for any purpose whatsoever (e.g. advertising, promotional, product development or other commercial
Therefore, Mark Up Zero S.r.l. is not and will not be obliged to keep the User Material confidential, to acknowledge and/or pay any compensation to the User, or to any third party, for the use of the User Material or, in any case, in relation to it, to give feedback to the User of the transfer and/or
receipt of the User Material.
The User is and remains exclusively responsible for any content of the User Material and declares that this does not violate the rights of third parties deriving from legal regulations and/or contractual?relations, such as – by way of example, but not limited to – copyright, trademarks, patents, trade
secrets, confidentiality rights or any other proprietary or personal rights.
Mark Up Zero S.r.l. reserves the right to refuse or eliminate, without any obligation to provide?reasons and/or communication, User Material.

10. Links to other websites

The Site may contain links to other websites. The User acknowledges that Mark Up Zero S.r.l. does not exercise any control over such Internet sites, nor over their content, for which it is not responsible, nor can it be held liable.
The presence of links to other Internet sites, as well as the presence of references to information, products or services of third parties in the links to the Site, does not constitute approval, in no case, by Mark Up Zero S.r.l., of the aforesaid Internet sites, information, products or services of third parties.
Except with the prior written consent of Mark Up Zero S.r.l., the User is not authorised to framing the Site in other websites, nor to create links to any part of the Site and/or to the Material or any part of it.

11. Exclusion of warranty

11.1. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Site and its contents, as well as the
Services offered, are provided free of charge as they are and subject to availability at a given time. Mark Up Zero S.r.l. does not provide any guarantee in relation to the Site, its correct functioning and/or display, contents or Services, such as, for example, guarantees of continuity and absence of interruptions, operating errors, protection against programs potentially harmful to the User (viruses, malware, bugs or similar) or suitability for certain purposes.
11.2. Mark Up Zero S.r.l. does not? guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in the Site, nor that it is free of errors and omissions, expressly? excluding any guarantee or liability in this sense.

12 . Indemnity

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the User declares and agrees to indemnify Mark Up Zero S.r.l., its Managers, Directors, Shareholders and/or employees, from any and all losses, liabilities, claims or legal action (including the consequent legal costs) that may be brought by a third party and due to:

? the use by the User of the Site and/or the Services or, in any case, deriving from them, in violation of the Conditions of Use;

? violation of the Conditions of Use;

? the untruthfulness of the declarations made at the time of registration and subscription of the Services;

? the violation of the guarantees made by the User pursuant to the Conditions of Use and/or the fact that the User Material supplied through the Services involves Mark Up Zero S.r.l. in liability towards third parties

13. Protection of personal data

Before uploading or providing personal data on the Site, please read carefully the privacy policy of Mark Up Zero S.r.l. regarding the protection of personal data available in the relevant section.

14. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

14.1. The Terms of Use, as well as any other obligation – whether contractual or noncontractual – arising out of orrelating to them, are governed by the rules of Italian law and must be interpreted on the basis thereof.

14.2. Any dispute concerning the Conditions of Use, their interpretation, application, use or any contractual and/or non-contractual obligation arising out of or relating to them shall be subject to Italian jurisdiction and, in particular, to the jurisdiction of the Ordinary Court of Venice.

Update 21/10/2020